BBA with Logistics and Supply Chain Management

By the 21st century we have realized the need for fast movement of goods for economic growth. The globalization of the world made drastic changes in requirements of different products across the world. 

In order to meet the customer requirements around the world, effective logistic and supply chain management controls are the key. Timely forward and backward flow of goods, storage, supply from point of origin to the places of consumption are the processes involved. It includes inbound and outbound transportation, warehousing, material handling, fleet management, logistics network, ideas, inventory management. 

For smooth movement of cargo around the world, the sector increasingly needs trained professionals. We at Flying Goose, train the candidates to meet the  wholesome requirements of a professional.

We update and train candidates in every aspect of handling the upcoming drastic changes expected in the sector. Apart from the subject, we provide personality development, communication skills, motivation, etc., so that they can remain competitive in their corporate sector careers. 

Logistics is providing the customers with the right product in good condition, at the right time and making the customers happy. For example, if a person from any part of the world purchases a product, it’s the duty of the logistics department to monitor it till the destination without any delay or defects. There are different sectors in the logistics department. We assure the best training and support to our students to become international professionals.

Course duration: 3 Year

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